2023 - the year of the generalist! 👾

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GW is not just a group of like-minded people. It’s a true community where generalists belong. Where you learn that you’re not broken for not sticking to one thing, and where you’re not alone. Being a generalist - this is your superpower.

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Why couldn’t you just specialize, choose, commit, like everyone around you seemed happy to do? Here, you’re part of a tight-knit crew who recognize you for the shape you are and will never try to put you in a box. We're on a mission to give generalists everywhere the tools and community to lead incredible careers, and lives. If this resonates with you, come along, we'd love to meet you too.

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Generalist (noun)

All-rounder. Jack of all trades. Entrepreneur in residence. Intuitive. Multi-disciplinary. Curious. Deep interest in multiple fields. Founder associate. Ability to work across different teams. Cross-functional.

A startup's superpower.