We match top generalists to fast-growing companies hiring their early team🦄

Generalist community, opportunities & resource all under the one roof

We proudly come from:

Your early team needs to be:


But finding these swiss-army knives is like finding a needle in a haystack. We’re changing this 👇🏽

We all know hiring sucks. So we do things differently around here.

Forming your early team is a crucial moment for any startup, and hiring extraordinary people means using an extraordinary approach. Forget dated CVs, vague job descriptions and crossing your fingers. The future of hiring is evidence-based, curated, and human.

Our awesome features
1. Tell us what you need

Job descriptions miss the mark 95% of the time. Forget the fluff, we'll find out exactly what you need help with.

Our awesome features
2. We tap into our community

The Generalist World community is made up of founders, VPs, designers, writers, and developers with an astonishingly wide variety of professional backgrounds & interests. We tap into our community to match you with the best talent.

Our awesome features
3. Using an evidence-based, human approach

Our unbiased algorithm & unparalleled network uses explicit data points to match people with companies they'll love. You'll receive compelling reasons why you should hop on a call with each person.

Our awesome features
5. Forget the overwhelm

Sifting through 100's of applications that all look the same is soul-destroying for everyone. We only present our top 2-3 matches to you to review. You screen our referrals and decide who you want to join your team.

Our awesome features

Our generalists are👇🏽

Proven, experienced professionals

We don't place entry-level roles.

Looking for C-suite, director or leadership positions

You won’t find our people lurking on job boards or LinkedIn.

Not ones to fit into a tidy, traditional box.

Our community has often followed a non-linear, squiggly career path

A startups superpower⚡️

Our generalists have been in the trenches; ideating, building & growing companies.

Examples of how we can help:

Ops generalist

Build processes, hire/fire, keep the ship aligned with values and goals, set and measure KPIs.

Marketing generalist

Define positioning, branding, scale marketing channels, do influencer outreach, etc.

People generalist

Be an ally to the leadership team, align new employees with company goals, drive strategy

Dev / founding CTO

Own & lead development and engineering teams.


Those who have done it all before


I'd like to speak to someone before signing up, how can I do that?

Absolutely! Fire us an email at hello@generalist.world and let's chat.

What kind of companies do you partner with?

We partner with companies from all verticals. What we look for in partner companies is integrity, great culture and clear progression for our generalists.

How soon can I hire a generalist? I need someone asap

We're a tight-knit community and that means speed is on our side. We've been known to match brilliant applicants in hours. Try it out!

I need someone from (x) country, can you help?

Well, most probably! Our network is global and we have generalists from 30+ countries in our community. Try us!

How is this different from posting on LinkedIn Jobs or Indeed?

Posting on generic job boards yields you generic results. When you need a high-quality all-rounder, we’re here to help.

How can we help? 🖱

I want to....

Generalist (noun)

All-rounder. Jack of all trades. Entrepreneur in residence. Intuitive. Multi-disciplinary. Curious. Deep interest in multiple fields. Founder associate. Ability to work across different teams. Cross-functional.

A startup's superpower.