Build a squiggly career you adore

Craft your narrative, own your story, & take a giant leap in your career

Build a squiggly career you adore

We get it, the squiggly path is a lonely, confusing and often frustrating one. But when we have the right resources, frameworks and support networks around us, your squiggliness becomes your superpower

That’s why we’ve created this lite version of our famed generalist job-seeking guidebook. It's the most comprehensive document of it's kind, and will guide you through the toughest challenges of navigating the generalist job hunt.

Pay once, use forever

Join 500+ world-class generalists who have downloaded the Generalist Job Search Guidebook. You will receive the following:

  • 7 core modules that guide you through identifying your strengths and superpowers, discovering your generalist archetype, crafting your generalist CV and narrative, creating your portfolio, finding your dream role, nailing your interview, mastering your generalist career flow and 1 bonus module on how to create your own generalist role

  • A video tutorial that will teach you how to leverage your unique generalist superpowers and land or create your dream job

  • A suite of custom-built AI tools exclusively built for generalists, to help you understand your professional identity, identify your generalist archetype and build your unique generalist narrative

  • Invitations to select virtual and IRL workshops hosted by the Generalist World community



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